Wonderful Wedding Chairs

Simple yet sensational, decorating the chairs that are to be used for your wedding ceremony or reception is fast becoming one of the hottest trends on the wedding scene.

And fortunately at Sarabah Estate Vineyard we often use gorgeous white Tiffany chairs for our wedding receptions, which lend themselves perfectly to customisations.

So here we’ve put together our fave top wedding chair trends that have been spied over the past few months…


single flower

Flowers may seem like an obvious choice for decorationg your chairs but as you can see the ways in which you can use nature’s blooms vary greatly.

Lush bouquets are great for making a statement, but single flowers can also make a subtle yet significant difference to the ambience of your ceremony or reception.

We particularly like seeing leaves intertwined with flowers, especially when vines are used as they work so well at a Vineyard venue like ours.


Sarabah Flowers Jar 2

At Sarabah Estate Vineyard we’ve had some lovely little touches popping up at the weddings we’ve hosted. The use of baby’s breath in cute glass jars at Jess and Justins’s wedding was one that we loved as decoration for their outdoor ceremony.

The suspended jars of flowers were used to line the aisle and although not technically a decoration of the chair itself, this idea can easily be adapted to be part of wedding chairs themselves.

Sarabah flowers jar


Leaves are a brilliant choice for weddings during hot weather as they are less likely to wilt. They look fabulous at country weddings and vineyard venues as the greenery fits in perfectly with a rustic theme or vintage style celebration.

Combine leaves with ribbons, bows or the odd flower to add a feminine or delicate touch to the arrangements.


It may be classic to decorate wedding chairs with fabric, but there’s a reason for this – the variations are endless! Material can be used either to cover a whole chair or simply to add a unique styling note to your ceremony or reception.

When going for a vintage style wedding then using lace and antique brooches is an idea we love. Adding a little floral note tucked in amongst the fabric also looks extra special.

Then there’s the luxurious folding, draping and weaving of various fabrics that can add drama and elegance to a chair. Tiffany chairs work really well for this, especially when playing with sheer materials that still allow details of the chair to peep through.

sheer fabric and flower


Ribbons may seem simple, but they are oh-so effective for chair decorating.

Whether tied up in one big bow or used to hang delicately down to the ground we think you can find a way to make ribbons match any wedding theme!


bride and groom

However you choose to decorate your wedding chairs the addition of “Mr & Mrs” or “Bride & Groom” has become quite popular at weddings of late.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the way in which to deonate the wedding couple’s chairs – think mini chalkboards and wooden hanging letters – which is fabulous for those wanting that chic vintage or cute rustic style wedding theme.

This idea also lends itself well to being used as unique way of denoting your guests’ seating arrangements.


Paper Decorations

paper hearts

Creating paper decorations for your chairs is perfect for those wanting DIY customisation options that will still wow their wedding guests.

We fell in love with the heart shaped decorations above and it set our minds racing as to what other delights could be made by hand: paper chains, flowers, snowflakes, garlands, mini bride and grooms…

colourful paper cover

Fruits and More…

The beauty of wedding chair decorations is the opportunity to let your creative side run free.

One of the more unusual yet surprisingly effective ideas that we’ve discovered along the way has been the use of fruit to creat garlands along the backs of wedding chairs. We think this is a great idea for country celebrations and winery weddings, especially if you can include items that are locally grown.

Our eye was also caught by the use of colourful cushions on chairs – a super simple way to colour co-ordinate your chairs to your wedding’s theme!

If you enjoyed this post then to find out more about how we can help you with the planning of your wedding please visit our fabulous Planning Page on the Sarabah Estate Vineyard website.

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