Beat the Heat at your Australian Summer Wedding


Phew! It’s now that time of year when temperatures soar high, but nevertheless that doesn’t deter some from choosing to celebrate their love in the Australian summer months.

We think summer weddings can be fantastic, especially on a vineyard such as ours where the vines are growing strong and green after their winter’s pruning. But you do need to be prepared for the sunshine – as glorious as it may be!

Which is why we’ve brought together a run down of top tips and stylish inspiration for you and your wedding guests to beat the heat this summer. Read on to find out more…


A shady area for your wedding ceremony is always preferable when it comes to an Australian summer wedding.

But with walks between venues and around grounds such a Sarabah’s the shade of an umbrella is a handy way of giving guests the option to keep themselves covered at all times.

Umbrellas at Sarabah: stylish without imposing on your wedding theme
Umbrellas at Sarabah: stylish without imposing on your wedding theme


The burning sun just can’t be ignored when planning your special day for the summer months – especially if there are little kids running about who need their delicate skin protected.

By popping sunscreen into cute vintage bottles or jars you can easily make applying sun lotion a stylish touch to your outdoor wedding.



There is something to be said for a good old fashioned fan. Vintage ones look adorable and work well as accessories for the bridal party.

And for everyone else attending why not get creative and double up the ceremony service card as a fan. It doesn’t have to cost you a bomb either: Felicitations offer pre-made wooden sticks into which you simply insert your program!


Cooling Station

Why not combine all the little tips above plus more at strategically placed “cooling stations” where people can gather and pick up supplies?

Make it a shady little spot near to where the outdoor celebrations are occurring, and include other useful items such as mini bug sprays or ice-cold lemon water with hand towels to dip in and freshen up with.

Cooling Station


Everyone loves a chilled wedge of fruit on a hot summer’s day!

Colourful pieces of watermelon, pineapple and oranges not only look great but are very much in keeping with seasonal produce that would be locally available at the time of a summer wedding.

watermelon slices

Icy Popsicles

Icy cold treats are rarely turned down in the heat, but what to do about them melting and dripping on carefully chosen wedding outfits?!

Here’s a few handy tips: create little drip-catchers using paper cake cases, hire an ice-cream cart to store your selection of popsicles in or – our favourite idea – distribute your frozen treats alongside cups of champagne to dip them in as they start to melt!

Ice Pops Collage

Drinks Station

Something with which to quench your thirst is a must at an outdoor summer wedding. Which gets us all excited about the range of possibilities that a drinks station can offer.

Cold water infused with lemon or mint, old fashioned lemonade or homemade ice-tea can also be accompanied by refreshing cocktails such as mojitos, margheritas or Pimms.

And for the boys why not fill up empty wooden wine barrels with ice and stock them with beers – a sophisticated esky perfect for a vineyard wedding

Drinks Station

Drink Covers

And finally, to go hand in hand with your drinks station why not supply some fun drinks covers to keep the flies at bay. Another great way to make use of cupcake cases, and with such a ranges available you’re sure to find ones to suit your colour scheme!

protect your drinks

At Sarabah Estate Vineyard we are happy to help you with all of the above if you wish them at your wedding.

From umbrellas to water bottles to sparkling wine and champagne, and much much more, we want to ensure that you have your perfect day.

Just get in touch to find out more and arrange a viewing of our family-run vineyard estate.

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