Give your husband-to-be the day of his dreams

It’s easy to get caught up and think of weddings as being a day for the Bride – with everyone pulling together to make sure that all her wishes for the special occasion come true.

That’s not to say that the Groom isn’t consulted, or isn’t happy with the big plans, just that there can be times throughout the day when he and his groomsmen are a little forgotten.

So how do you have the ultimate wedding day for both Bride and Groom? At Sarabah Estate Vineyard we’ve put on our thinking caps as we want everyone to have the best time possible.

Helicopter Ride to Sarabah

Our boys here have come up with the following to keep your future hubby happy – whilst the Bride is perhaps occupied with her own preparations. They would also love to hear your suggestions, if there is something that you think your Groom would want to do that you can’t see on the list below.

  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Target practice shooting around the grounds (using a 233 Sako gun)
  • Remote control speed boats to race on the pond and dams
  • Helicopter joy flights
  • Ranger races
  • Large screen PlayStation (4 player controls, bring your own games)
  • Big field to use for games such as cricket, boules, kite flying etc

And the great part is that the boys don’t need to worry about messing up their suits as there’s a separate room above our Chalet with an en-suite washroom that is perfect for use as a changing room. So there’s no need to worry about a rumpled Groom walking down the aisle to meet his Bride!

Find out more about how you can give your husband-to-be the day of his dreams by visiting the Sarabah Estate Vineyard website.

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