Glasses or no glasses? That is the question…

To some this may be a real conundrum and to others it may not even register to think about, but the question of glasses or no glasses on her wedding day is one that many a bride encounters.

The first decision is whether to wear glasses at all or instead opt for contact lenses.

If you choose to wear glasses then the next step is whether to stick with your usual pair or source new ones to match your outfit. There are a great variety of spectacles out there, making it easy to find the perfect pair for you. Subtle options would include rimless, translucent or super slim, pale coloured frames. For those wanting to make more of a statement with their glasses strong frames, bold colours and unique shapes offer up a stylish way to accessorise.

If contact lenses are your choice then you have to take care if you haven’t worn them before. Be sure to test wearing them prior to the big day to avoid any nasty infections, redness or teary eyes. And if you ordered lenses as a free sample only for use on your wedding make sure to leave enough time for their arrival as you don’t want any disappointments if they don’t get to you on time!

Finally, even if you don’t usually wear glasses or lenses, have you considered wearing coloured contacts to make your eyes really stand out on your wedding day? It’s an idea we’re encountering more and more at Sarabah Estate Vineyard, and one that looks wonderful in photos!

So what’s it going to be: glasses or no glasses?? Contacts or no contacts??

Bright Blue Eyes

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