Renee & Corey: “just magical”

“As soon as we got out of our car and met with Cameron we knew instantly that this place was going to be completely different to all the other venues!”

Renee and Corey’s early Autumn wedding at Sarabah Estate Vineyard was a delight to help host. From the moment they arrived there was a such a positive energy about them and, as we always do, we made every effort possible to make their wishes come true.

Renee and Corey entering chalet

“We honestly felt like family from the moment we sat infront of their house with a glass of wine. They made us feel so comfortable and that nothing at all was a problem for them to do for us!” Renee & Corey

Renee and Corey had been struggling to find their perfect venue. With hearts set on a vineyard wedding they had been to visit many – but none had set their hearts alight. So we were extremely happy that the couple had such a like for Sarabah Estate Vineyard and that their search could finally be over!

“The service is unique…all the other places were so standardised, wouldn’t bend the rules for anything or change their packages to what we were looking for. Everything we mentioned to Cameron about what we wanted was absolutely no problem what so ever… He was so lovely and easy to talk to and willing to help us with whatever we needed.”

Renee playing croquet

And so on the big day Renee and Corey arrived early to arrange the little touches that they desired to add to their wedding. A croquet game was set up on the manor lawn, and Cameron helped them post signs around the grounds – driving the couple about in his tractor!

The ceremony itself was held on the banks of Sarabah’s heart shaped pond. Of course this was a significant part of the day but for Renee the moment was made especially memorable because they were “saying ‘I do’ in a place we both LOVED more than anything and felt so at home and comfortable at.”

Renee and Corey Wedding Party

The whole event was a big success, with the bride giving us the ultimate compliment by calling the day “magical”.

According to Toni-Maree the couple had become “like family”. They will always invited in with open arms and Toni-Maree looks forward to seeing them again attend another Prune in June event at Sarabah Estate Vineyard.

Renee and Corey walking through vineyard

“Cameron and Toni-Maree you and your team are amazing, you provide a service like nothing we have ever seen…not just because of the beautiful setting you have, you guys are seriously amazing and so warm welcoming. I said it above but I’ll say it again Corey and I really felt like family to you guys, the way you opened up your home and venue to us!”

And it’s precisely because of relationships built such as these, and the ability to make couples’ dreams come true, that makes us so enthusiastic about hosting weddings on Sarabah Estate Vineyard’s grounds. Thank you Renee and Corey!

Renee & Corey
Renee & Corey

Photography by Kylie Maree

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