Sarabah Estate Vineyard Friendships

Throughout the years of hosting weddings we have made many lasting friendships, one of which has been with a couple from one of the first weddings we hosted: Renee & Corey.

Sarabah Estate Vineyard Wedding Bride and groom

We like to think that when you get married at Sarabah you become enveloped into our family. We want you to feel very much at home amongst the vines, the alpacas, the dogs and – most importantly – amongst us.

Renee and Corey were one such couple who embraced this by coming to our pruning parties and always keeping in touch. And so when they recently gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl we couldn’t wait to give them something special as a gift.

Luckily we had our sister engraving business Grand Engrave to hand to help us and we engraved a children’s cutlery set for baby Evie. We soon found out that Renee and Corey loved the gift when we opened this very touching thank you card in the post!

Sarabah Estate Vineyard Wedding Guest Sarabah Estate Vineyard Wedding Thank you

We can’t help but cherish the memories of all our weddings at Sarabah Estate Vineyard as they are so wonderfully unique – a new experience for each and every one of us. This is why we very much hope that when the wedding celebrations are over and all the excitement has settled down, you will still keep us in your hearts as we do you.

Renee, Corey & baby Evie: we wish you a life full of love and happiness, just as we did on the day of your wedding..!

Renee and Corey walking through vineyard
Renee and Corey walking through the vineyard


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