Brie & Steve’s Wedding with Us at Sarabah

“Our day was beautiful and perfect, Cameron was so helpful and accommodating.” Brie & Steve May 2016

May weddings are always delightful at Sarabah Estate Vineyard. The weather is cool, calm and collected, and the vines look spectacular. So we were over the moon to be able to share this beautiful time of year with Brie and Steve, our bride and groom of this gorgeous end of May wedding.

Brie and Steve wedding from above Sarabah Estate Vineyard

Brie and Steve chose to hold their ceremony on Sarabah’s Manor Lawn and it looked spectacular. The sun was gracefully gliding down beyond the foothills of Lamington National Park, bathing everyone in that “Golden Hour” glow. And as the light spilled through the wedding arbour we were all swept up in the love and emotion of the moment.

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Their vineyard wedding reception was just as breathtaking. Brie and Steve hosted their guests in the Sarabah Marquee and the wedding decorations were perfectly chosen to create a rustic winery wedding feel.

Once the celebrations were in full swing everyone fully embraced the country wedding spirit. Wine was enjoyed, gourmet food was devoured and all was to the sound of the most fantastic acapella singing group.

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And when the countryside chill settled over the vineyard everyone huddled by the light and warmth of the bonfire. This was one of Brie and Steve’s favourite parts of what Sarabah had to offer them. We always try our best to accommodate all our bride and groom’s wishes, and we loved Brie and Steve’s enthusiasm for how they were able to bring their wedding to life with our help.

Brie and Steve Chess pieces Winery Wedding Sarabah Scenic Rim

Best of luck to Brie and Steve! We hope that married life is as beautiful for you as your wedding was. Cameron, Toni-Maree & Callvm Bishop Xx

If you are interested in hosting your own wedding ceremony or wedding reception at Sarabah as part of your Gold Coast Hinterland wedding then please do get in touch with us or visit the Sarabah Estate Vineyard Website.

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