A Rainbow of Colours

Inspired by our last post on colour themes we decided to delve a little deeper into the realms of colourful weddings. A what fun we’ve had!

colourful paper flower arch

Paper ceremony arches, ceilings draped with ribbons and a rainbow of lanterns festooning branches overhead were just some of our favourites from what we discovered when searching images to inspire a multi-colour themed wedding.

We think that this style of wedding theme works particularly well for country weddings, adding rustic charm to barns, vineyards and meadows alike.

colourful bouquets

Perfect for summertime too, choosing to adorne your wedding with colours that call out for fun and laughter works especially well for the wedding bouquet, which at this time of year can ulitlise many of the flowers in bloom.

country colour table settings

But the colours don’t have to take over your whole wedding either. If the thought of adding the rainbow to the whole of your special day then simply add an accent to your ceremony with bright bridesmaid dresses or flower arrangements and keep the rest of your reception classic in theme.

greenhouse colourful wedding

colourful tiffany chairs

But after exploring this wedding theme we must say we’re convinced – a colour scheme that sings of beaming light, flowers in full bloom and joyful smiles is inspiring.

So now we’re hoping for a kaliedoscopic wedding to host at Sarabah Estate Vineyard sometime very soon!

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