What’s your Bride style?

When it comes to the planning of your wedding it’s easy to question yourself about whether you’re making the right decisions.

Will everyone like the band? Are you satisfying the in-laws?? Do you look like the perfect blushing bride in your dress? Will the food be up to scratch?!

jess and justin quiz post

But the thing to remember is that it is YOUR wedding day. No one else’s. So as long as you and your groom are feeling happy, you are on the right track.

And one handy way to keep you going in the right direction is knowing what type of bride you are. Know your style and tastes, and stick with them!

Remember that there is no need to worry about accommodating for everyone else’s dream wedding day too.

which bride are you quiz

Which is why we loved The Urban List’s quiz that they recently created to go alongside their Bride Guide 2013. “Which Bride Are You?” is a fun little thing to get you thinking about how you would like your wedding to be.

So go on, take the quiz. And pop yourself on the right track to a wedding that stays true to you!

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