Sarabah’s Real Top Model: Rosé

Sarabah’s Rosé has been thrown around the dinner table, and has earned itself the title of ‘the one to beat’ possibly the best wine to come out of Sarabah it rivals those akin to those from the  south of france. With it being sought after by well travelled and seasoned CEO’s. It has a discernible australian summer late afternoon watching the sunset taste, compared to most other rosé’s is more accompanied like a sour jaw tingling aftertaste, Sarabah’s rosé however doesn’t carry this post palate jaw assault. The perfect wine for any occasion to impress, or even to just relax. Rosé can be served with Tapas, antipasto, salads, cold vegetables, cold salted meats, seafood and fish, paella and rices, chicken, pork, veal, cheeses and spicy foods. Amongst critics it is believed rosé is the ‘pairing’ wine because it compliments so many different food types. So never go anywhere without a trusty bottle of our Rosé!

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