Wine, Beer or Champagne?

Well, which one are you going to choose to fill your new custom engraved cooler with?

Of course thats implying that you have one of course. In the perfect world all of your drinks would simply arrive cold already for you served by your personal waitress on the golden sand at the beach on your private island. Yet, here we all are, in the middle of summer, in a heat wave, steaming hot, no beach, no waitress, and still no cold drink. My mates and I have tried various attempts at achieving this ‘perfect’ world but we all fall short with warm beer. A stubby cooler, may help you with one drink, but as soon as you grab a 6 pack, it will do you no help. Let alone if you have any kind of decent company it wont help your chances at all when it comes to style. Where as Sarabah’s new customizable wine, beer or champagne cooler can help you with the aesthetics and the temperature side of your problem. With fully customizable engraving to say anything from “I love you” to “I love beer”. Just joking, with the range of options for engraving spanning from words to images you wont come across anyone with the same cooler as you. Next time you go to a gathering of associates, don’t just bring drinks and your esky like everyone else, bring your Wine cooler if you’re going to impress, your beer cooler if its one with the boys, or the champagne cooler for a romantic evening with ‘the one’, the fully customizable engraved wine cooler is the best option for you. Now tell me …. which shall you choose?


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