Royal Weddings of 2011

It was a big year for weddings big and small some of the top weddings include:

Prince William and Kate Middleton

April 29, 2011

If 2011 was the year of the wedding, it’s primarily because of the classic Royal Wedding, which had well-wishers all over the world getting up at the crack of dawn to watch William and Kate’s wedding ceremony on TV. Their wedding was impeccable, with amazing fashion and interesting wedding guests. Many months later, I still love looking through their wedding album just to see how handsome and stylish they are.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

August 20, 2011

Though the Kardashians seem to be a family that everyone loves to hate, we’re all still watching to see what they’ll do next. And never were more eyes upon them than during Kim Kardashian’s lavish wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries. Everyone was talking about how beautiful and over-the-top the wedding was, and about the fat paychecks they got for selling the photos and video rights. Of course, the marriage didn’t last, ending after just 72 days. In fact, the short-lived relationship lasted less than a year in total! They started dating at the end of 2010, were engaged in May of 2011, married in August 2011, and filed for divorce in October of 2011. Now that’s a quickie wedding!

Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons

October 1st, 2011

On the other end of the spectrum is this couple who took their time to the altar. After 28 years and two children together, the KISS front man and the former Playboy playmate got married in a lavish ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel on October 1st, 2011. 400 guests watched as Tweed and Simmons exchanged vows they wrote themselves. Their children, Nick and Sophie served as best man and maid of honor, and Sophie sang the Etta James classic “At Last” for the couples’ first dance. And even though their marriage has already outlasted Kim and Kris’s, it also was a reality wedding. Both their proposal and wedding ceremony were filmed for their reality show, Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels. Hopefully this reality is more real.


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