Wine Words- The Rosé Revolution | Sarabah Estate Vineyard

It that time of the year when Wine lovers are being invited to take part in the Rosé Revolution. Now some of you including myself were unaware of the Rosé Revolution. So to educate you on this important event I have shared some background information on this growing event.

The Rosé Revolution is a campaign aimed to raise awareness of the beloved and sometimes forgotten pink variety of wine. The revolution begins on the 10 of November, an is marked by the use of social media. Generally live tweets across the world will recognize the varieties of Rosé around the world. Last years Revolution was one of the largest social media initiatives undertaken by Australian Winemakers generating more than 2,937 tweets over a seven day period.

The celebration of Rosé will span across many different types of events and features up until April 2012. It is a one of a kind event with hundreds of Australian Winemakers of Rosé celebrating this unique wine. With 85 new wineries joined the cause last year and this year Sarabah Estate Vineyard will join in the festivities by sending its very first tweet Rosé Revolution tweet the hastag #RoseRev.

So what is all the fuss about Rosé anyway? Well, it is said that Rosé are for an aquired taste and generally will suit grown ups – but they’re not to be taken too seriously! With their purpose-made, dry and delicious taste they have quite the alluring drink.

These wines are perfect for Summer drinking but can be enjoyed at anytime throughout the year – you just need some great food and friends to make the occasion. Better yet stop by Sarabah and enjoy a cheese platter and great glass of Sarabah Estate Rosé and celebrate the Rosé Revolution with us this year!

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